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From Nature's Hands

Tiger Eye | Tree of Life

Tiger Eye | Tree of Life

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1. A bracelet of PROTECTION that is made of natural TIGER EYE and accented with BLACK OBSIDIAN (8mm& 6mm Beads), also accented with antique finished Tree Of Life charm
2. Raw piece of high quality Black Tourmaline (approx. 2in)

These are strung onto sturdy stretch cord for easy on and off. For longevity roll gently on and off of wrist. natural materials are used, there will be variations in color between bracelets...

Black Tourmaline is used for your root chakra, grounding you and repelling negative energies away from you. We have paired Black Tourmaline with Tiger Eye for the ultimate aura protection for you.

Tiger Eye is used for your lower chakras, helping to repel fear, aid you in bringing insight to complex situations, and attracting good luck!

Black Obsidian activates your root chakra. This stone is greatly used to cleanse the aura, as well as releasing of excess energy.



TRIPLE CHAKRA PROTECTION - Base/Root, Solar Plexus & 3rd Eye

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We at From Nature's Hands feel that crystals can complement other therapies and support energetic well being. Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment, a licensed healthcare specialist should be consulted for medical advice.

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