Sodalite Gem Tree | Large

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Sodalite stimulates the pineal gland and 3rd Eye, not only to see, but to hear and speak what is.

Handmade Sodalite Gemstone Tree w/ Amethyst cluster base, resin trunk, wired branches and  polished sodalite gemstones. 8" tall, 12 branches and 60 gemstones.

This beautiful tree has the energy to draw attention, and makes a great gift!

The process to make a gemstone tree like this is very extensive and meticulous. A special amethyst cluster is selected for the base, the resin trunk and branches are crafted by local artisans in Brazil and then each gemstone is glued to the tree by hand.

approx. weight: 1.6 lbs
approx. height: 8" to the last gemstone on top
approx. width: 6"