Our Story

We at From Nature's Hands are driven by our passion for health and wellness through alternative healing, and we provide healing services such as Reiki, Crystal Reiki, and Chakra balancing in our beautiful healing room. 

FNH is also a place that you can shop for tools that aid in healing (physically, mentally, and spiritually), as well as products which ingredients most times comes straight From Nature's Hands!

Our handcrafted and homemade products consist of soap, body butters & balms, lotion bars and more, that aid in giving results of healthy and glowing skin! We also carry a variety of gemstones and minerals that aid in naturally raising your vibration to a healthy and balanced state for healing, as well as gemstone jewelry that you can wear throughout the day to help keep the balance needed for a more happy and healthier you!


To learn more about alternative healing and the services that we provide, visit us in person!

FNH Wellness Guides


At the age of 7, I knew that I had certain special abilities, and growing through life I’ve always believed that there was more to it. I believed that everyone was created with a purpose, and given special gifts to aid in the fulfillment of that purpose.

Through my life, It has been a passion of mine to help others to recognize that they are special beings, who have a special place and purpose in this lifetime. This knowledge will not only help to heal mentally, physically, and emotionally, but spiritually as well, and also helps to gain the confidence needed to walk through the doors, that have been passed by so many times along the way, due to the fear of the unknown.

As I have walked the path laid before me, I have learned about my creator, the source of my being, and I have come in sync with mother earth. I have studied gems, minerals, and crystals, and have learned about the connection they have with our innate ability to heal. 

Having this knowledge inspired me to become an ordaind minister, but I knew that I couldn't stop there. Fully knowing that we are energy beings, I yearned to learn more, and that yearning has led me to become certified as a Kundalini, Usui, and Crystal Reiki Master and Teacher, while also aspiring me to continue learning. With all that is within, I have become grounded within my being, as well as helping others to do the same! Peace and Blessings to all...Namasté


I'm a believer now!

I never mentioned having hip pain, but it was like Kesha just knew. A month later and still no pain. I will definetly recommend her Reiki services!

- Beverly Anderson, Ohio

Feeling like a million bucks!

This was my first time ever having Reiki, and It will not be my last. Kesha was absolutely the best!

- Sheila Johnson, Ohio

Feeling amazing...

I've dealt with digestive problems for the past few years. Dazia has taught me what I need to know to cleanse naturally. She knows her stuff!

- David Miller, Ohio