How to Connect with Your New Crystal

How to Connect with Your New Crystal

Most times, after performing a Crystal Reiki session, if the client doesn't already have crystals at home, they become a new crystal lover making their first crystal purchase. Some of the questions they ask me is: What do I do with them? Do I have to clean them? How do I use them? How do I connect with them?

As I'm sitting here writing this, I'm smiling. Why? Because I've been there! So excited about buying all of these beautiful stones that Mother Earth has yielded to me, that when I get home, I then ask myself "What now?". 


Below is a step-by-step look into how I connect with the new crystals (or stones) that I bring home. Hopefully this will help you along your new crystal journey!

When I bring home new crystals, the first thing that I usually do is cleanse them, clearing away any energies that may be misaligned with my own.

Why is this?

Unless you are the one mining for these beauties, you are most likely not the first one to come in contact with them, and so many people have handled them before they made their way home with you.

There are 8 ways I recommend cleansing your crystals:

Water, smudging (smoke), intention, sound, moonlight, sunlight, nature, and the use of other crystals. Water, smoke, intention and sound, are among my favorites.

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The next step is, Setting an Intention:

Set an intention after you've done some research on the crystals you are going to be working with. Learn about the crystals origin, its healing properties, etc. Just as we have daily work to do in our lives, so does your crystals!

Now, with a clear mind achieved by prayer and meditation (whatever works for you), I hold my crystal in my hands, and begin to visualize bright rays of energy surrounding it, and beaming out from every side.

At this point I begin to feel a connection, and it is at this time that I set my intention for my crystal to do the work that it has been called to do for me and my highest good, and to do what is for the highest good of those I may be working with in a healing session.

End the process of connecting with your crystals when you feel your crystal has been balanced, charged, and filled with the intention that you have put in place.

Now let it do its job, and enjoy!

This was a brief look into how I connect with my crystals, but there is a plethora of information on the internet, books, and metaphysical stores!

Enjoy your new Crystal journey and always remember,

"All Things Are Possible To Them That Believe" 



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